Product Design


Transferring the launch of the Girl Scouts uniform to an online experience due to the effects of COVID-19.

Team Project

Margaret Panoti
Angela Diep


2 months

My Role

UX Research, UI Design, Prototyping, Development


Girl Scouts USA


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Design Opportunity

Girl Scouts and FIT fashion students have been working together to design a new uniform that appeals to Gen Z, but the in-person launch got cancelled due to COVID-19.

Develop a new digital experience to launch the new Girl Scouts uniform online.

Design Challenge

Most older Girl Scouts feel uncomfortable wearing the uniform in public due to all the “requests for cookies” they get as a tease.

How might we launch the new girl scout uniform online in a seamless manner that appeals to Cadettes and above?


Create a live fashion experience using live streaming and 3D fashion rendering, and turn Girl Scouts into a lifestyle brand that all teenage girls can relate to.

Process Highlights

Desk Research

We conducted extesive research to understand our target audience, teenage girls from 12 to 18 years old.

Behavioural findings
  • They enjoy hanging out with friends, playing video games, and watching shows.
  • They worry about school grades, keeping up with everything, and maintaining relationship with friends.
We used Miro as a tool for remote collaboration with the team.
say their favorite technology is their phone.
of teens in the US are digital video viewers of gaming, celebrity streaming, user generated videos and more.
of 13-to-17s said social made them “feel more connected to their friends.”

Empathy Interviews

We conducted 11 interviews with teenage girls between the ages of 12 and 18 years old. Due to the Covid pandemic circumstances these interviews were conducted online.

Affinity Mapping

We took the data from the empathy interviews and organized them into overlapping categories to discover essential user needs.

Affinity Map Findings
  • Their future and social life have top priority.
  • Social media helps them express themselves, and serves as an extension of their social life.
  • Video games and shows are top indoor activities. Digital interaction rates higher than passive activities like tv and reading.

Aggregated Personas

We developed three personas that incapsulated the audience that Girl Scouts wanted to reach through their uniform launch.

Jazmin Ruiz, 17

I  was a Girl Scout for a while, but I dropped out after reaching brownie level due to my increasingly busy schedule.”


Clothes that she can use in her school as well as part of her active lifestyle.

Mysara Johnson, 16

I always wanted to be a Girl Scout but I never joined, because I wasn't sure I could commit to the amount of time it requires."


Clothes that will make her get compliments from her friends.

Stacy Fazzino, 14

I love being a Girl Scout, but sometimes is a little uncomfortable wearing the uniform in public.”


Clothes that can be worn indoors as well as outdoors.

Competitor analysis

  • Community based lifestyle brand for yoga enthusiasts.
  • Engages fitness trainers and athletes as brand ambassadors to inspire and engage with their customers.
  • Constantly engaging consumers on social media.
  • User Generated Outfits and reviews with images help drive sales.
  • Gamifying experience by being cheap, risky and not always having clothes in stock.
  • Use instagram story ads, that use upbeat music and fun visuals.
  • Appealing social media aesthetic, and well thought out hashtags.
  • UOLive Youtube, video streaming channel where they promote new musicians and have fun giveaways.
  • Utilize User Generated Outfits on their social media.


How might we launch the new girl scout uniform online in a seamless manner that appeals to Cadettes and above?


Teenage girls use clothes as a form of self expression, and if wearing a Girl Scout stood for more than just selling cookies than all girls, not only Girl Scout, would wear it.

Nothing is impossible. The word itself says possible.”
––––––– Audrey Hepburn


Create a live fashion experience using live streaming and 3D fashion rendering, and turn Girl Scouts into a lifestyle brand that all teenage girls can relate too, not only Girl Scouts.

Using the hashtag #GSStyle girls can post their new combination outfits with GSStyle items and express their creativity while they relate to brand that is focused to empowering the female leaders of tomorrow.

Online experience


Girl Scouts’ new collection was an assembly of items that could be purchased singularly or by looks. The collection had 8 main looks featured in the shopping page, as well as option to shop each item separately.

3D Models

To make the transition form a physical launch to an online launch less seamless we incorporated 3D models of the girls in the new GS uniform.

The user is indicated to interact with the 3D model with the hand at the bottom center of the model. The 3D renders were captured using a multicamera dome that takes 69 images of the subject located in the center of the dome, and incorporated into the website using Sketchfab.

gs lIVE

In collaboration with fashion editor, Jazmin Whitley, who is a Girl Scout alumnI, we launched a live event with tips and tricks on how to style the items for everyday purposes, and even how to match them with thing you already own in your wardrobe.


Bambuser was the live streaming service of choice as it allows viewers to shop while watching and chatting live.


Teens were invited to show off their style using the hashtag # GSStyle and sharing on social media.

These posts can be used as sponsored social media ads, on all of the existing Girl Scout social media channels, by adding a lead to the Girl Scout e-commerce website.

gs sTYLE

An opportunity for Girl Scouts to share with the world their unique approach to the 2020 uniform, and celebrate their collaboration with FIT.


This is the fiRst unifoRm in the history of Girl Scouts that it’s sold as unique items without any strict instruction on how to wear it or where to wear it, allowing for infinite self expression.

Design System

Design Direction

Girl Scouts was in the process of rebranding during the construction of this website, and they requested us to create a unique and more mature approach to appeal to the cadettes and higher levels of Girl Scouts.

Typographic Scale
Typographic Scale

What I learned

  • How to communicate with developing team and think of my design from a developing point of view.
  • How to communicate with clients and practice my presentation over virtual meetings.
  • How to work remotely with a team that included designers and developers.

Future improvements

  • Sync Girl Scout current social media to the website to have one time load on all channels and the website.