Experience Design

test lab

A experience to help skaters realize the potential of Vans Pro Classics and make Vans the go-to shoe for skaters once again.

Team Project

Margaret Panoti
Din Terpuni
Yuliya Kosheeva


3 months

My Role

Branding, UX, UI Design, Prototyping, Animation


Golden Pencil, Young Ones Awards, 2020


Design Opportunity

Develop a campaign to promote the news Vans Pro Classic to the skater community.

Design Challenge

Vans Pro Classics look just like classic Vans, but have been redesigned to be super durable, highly cushioned performance skate shoes, but look almost exactly like classic Vans.

How can we make sure skate consumers are aware of the difference and seek out the Pro Classics for their performance skate needs?

watch case study


How can we make sure skate consumers are aware of the difference between Pro Classics and Classics and seek out the Pro Classics for their performance skate needs?


Trying a pair of Vans in the Vans Store you only get to walk around in them, but for skaters to tell the difference between the Pros and the Old Classics they need to skate in them.

Physical Experience

The Lab

Skaters have always had an itch for skating in places they are not supposed to…so we will take abandoned building world wide and turn them into Vans Test Labs.

Sharable Moments


Skater will be given a Vans Test Lab coat which they can customize with spray paint in the dedicated ‘Coat Up’ room.


To make the experience more memorable there are instagramable moments through out the space.

Digital Experience

Social Media

We will promote the Vans Test Lab on platform where skateboarders hang out the most…instagram.

Your skateboard is the tickeT TO GET IN!


After skating in the Pro Classics skaters will fill out a short survey on the performance of the shoe.

Insprector wristband

Upon entreting the Vans Test Lab each skater will be given a wristband that will serve as their inspector ID and will use it toactivate the survey.

live event

Real time results

The social media promotions will take the user to the Vans website where they will encounter the live event page. Four cameras intalled in the Vans Test Lab will share live footage of the skaters trying on the news shoes, and the results from the surveys will be shown real time online for total transparency.


What I learned

  • A great team is key! You can have a great idea but you do not have the right team to make it come to life is over.
  • Execution makes a huge difference. While idea is key, the execution can make an idea so much better.
  • Unique brand experiences with honest advertising makes a great combo.

Future improvements

  • Expand on OOH campaign executions instead of relying all on social media.